Network marketing is, marketing products over the Internet, using the Internet, or online marketing.

Another definition is that network marketing is an alternative marketing method to traditional marketing, based on the sale of the product through oral advertising, without relying on traditional visual, written and read advertising, and without relying on intermediaries, where the product is purchased directly from the source that is the factory , Or a big marketing company.

Network marketing does not rely on traditional advertising, and there are no links between the factory and the customer, and thus provide large amounts of money estimated at 60% of the value of the product (which went advertising and intermediaries), these 60% is distributed between the marketing company itself as profits for them, and between Customers who bought the product and became partners, then verbally invited others to buy the product, by sharing the story of their use and experience of the product.

Advantages of Direct Selling :-

No Headquarters / No Capital / No Risk / Strongest Access to Financial Freedom / Full Freedom / Great Skills & Possibilities.